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Day Trip Guide to Cayo Icacos Island

an island in the middle of a body of water

Bright blue waters surround the natural wonder of Cayo Icacos Island in Puerto Rico. The Icacos beach is filled with wildlife and clear views as no buildings are allowed on the island. A day trip to Icacos Island off the coast of Fajardo, Puerto Rico is truly a remote paradise. Whether you’re looking for a weekend party destination or a weekday chill beach, Icacos is a beautiful Puerto Rico hidden gem. We have the inside scoop on the best ways to reach the island, what to bring, and how to enjoy your time on this natural reserve.

Getting to Icacos Island

In lieu of a ferry service, you can reach the island in about 20 minutes with a water taxi from the Las Croabas docks in Fajardo. The water taxis depart from these docks every 30 minutes and make it easy to take a day trip. Make sure not to go to Port of Fajardo or Ceiba Ferry Port as neither provides transportation to the island at this time. You have options for booking your Icacos water taxi depending on your group size and travel times. Booking online, calling to book, or simply showing up to the Las Croabas docks with cash ($50-$70/ per person recommended) are all great options.

You can also book a private charter or tour to the island for more amenities options. Keep in mind there are no facilities on the island, so if you’re wanting easy access to a bathroom and storage for your things, a private charter is your best option. Check out our Puerto Rico boat tour options to explore all the ways to reach Icacos Island.

What to Bring to Icacos Island

The beauty of Cayo Icacos Island is that you get a completely unobstructed view of the mainland with no construction to disturb the native wildlife. This comes at the cost of amenities like restrooms, food services, and shade offered to you. Much like a remote camping trip, you’ll want to make sure to pack all the essentials you need for your beach day. Although, it’s worth noting that overnight camping is not allowed on the island — so make sure to book your return trip on the same day. Here is a list to get you started, but please modify depending on the size of your party and your plans for your Icacos beach day:

  1. Plenty of drinking water
  2. Food and disposal bags
  3. Sunscreen and sun protection
  4. A source of shade (umbrella, shelter, hat, etc.)
  5. Towels
  6. Swim and snorkeling gear
  7. Camera
  8. Hiking shoes
  9. Bug spray
  10. Cell phone (yes, there’s service)

Activities on Icacos Island

The best way to enjoy Icacos Island in Puerto Rico is to bring all you need to relax and enjoy the beautiful Icacos beaches. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can strap on your hiking shoes and explore the deserted island by foot. There are tours that will take you to the best snorkeling and hiking spots on the island — including to the sites of hidden ruins. As a natural reserve, you’ll get to witness nature in its undisturbed form. Keep in mind the beach gets crowded with party-goers on weekends. The beauty of Icacos Island is really what you make it!

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