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Food Tours & Cooking Classes in Puerto Rico

Whether you want to enjoy the unique flavors of Puerto Rico’s cuisine or roll up your sleeves and learn how to make the island’s most delicious dishes, we have the perfect Puerto Rico food tours for you.

Enjoy Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

One of the best ways to experience Old San Juan is on a food tour, discovering the unique flavors of savory mofongo, crispy empanadillas, jiggly tembleque, and more, all prepared by Puerto Rico cooks and chefs who have been perfecting these recipes for decades. If your stomach isn’t rumbling yet, check out our guide to the most popular dishes in Puerto Rico

When you get back home from San Juan, you’ll likely be dreaming of enjoying these flavors again and sharing them with your family and friends. If you’re looking for hands-on experience, take a cooking class in San Juan and bring back a taste of Puerto Rico with you! Getting in the kitchen with a pro is the best way to learn all the tips and tricks behind the island’s most mouth-watering dishes. 

If you’re a foodie, you absolutely can’t leave the island without taking a food tour or cooking class first. Get in touch with the authentic flavors of Puerto Rico and experience the dishes that make the local ingredients come to life.

Ready to immerse yourself in Puerto Rico’s cuisine? Check out our food tours and classes in San Juan and beyond!


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Savor the Best Food Tours & Cooking Classes in Puerto Rico

Taste of San Juan Evening Tour Puerto Rico Tour Desk

"Fabulous!! Our tour guide, Ricky, was so fun and informative. We were fast friends by the end of the tour. La Casita was wonderful. We loved learning to make some of the local drinks. Great tour! We would highly recommend!❤"

– Lisa B. · TripAdvisor