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Horseback Riding Tours in Puerto Rico

Enjoy a horseback ride along the beach or in the rainforest

Horseback Riding on the Beach or Rainforest

Dreaming of horseback riding on the beach or in a rainforest in Puerto Rico? There’s no better place to explore on horseback than the lush, tropical trails on the island.

Whether you’re an advanced rider or haven’t had the chance to interact with these majestic creatures, we have a horseback riding in Puerto Rico tour for you. Gather your travel companions and get ready to soak in the sea, mountains, and fauna on top of one of Puerto Rico’s paso fino horses.

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Book your Horseback Riding Tour in Puerto Rico

Spending a romantic vacation on the island? A horseback ride in the rainforest or along the beach witnessing a stunning sunset will set the mood. From Palmas del Mar horseback riding to San Juan, check out our tours to discover the beauty of the island.

A friendly guide will offer instructions for beginners to make the experience enjoyable to everyone in your party. What are you waiting for? Every day offers a sunset to catch by horseback. Book your horseback riding tour in Puerto Rico to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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