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Explore the Bio Bay in Mosquito Bay!

Officially declared the brightest Bio Bay by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bio Bay Kayaking in Vieques is currently unavailable. In the meantime, you can book the Snorkel & Dive Vieques Island Tour below or browse our kayaking tours in Fajardo.


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More About Mosquito Bay, Vieques

Mosquito Bay was officially declared the brightest Bio Bay by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008. Situated in Vieques, a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico, this is a must see attraction on your next trip to Puerto Rico. Although Vieques is a bit off the beaten path, there are tour options available that depart from San Juan and directly from the island. On all tours you will discover the magical glow from the bioluminescence and learn more about the dinoflagellates that populate the water.

Explore the area with a local guide that will show you the way around the bay by kayak and take you to the best areas to see the glowing water. Trusted tour operators have the knowledge and know how to guarantee an incredible experience while visiting Mosquito Bay.

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