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Puerto Rico Cave Tours

Visit Cueva Ventana, Cueva del Indio, and more.

The Best Caves in Puerto Rico

You’ve heard all about the sandy beaches and stunning rainforest waterfalls, but some of the most thrilling views in Puerto Rico come from its many spectacular caves.

Offering exciting wonders for geology buffs, history lovers, and adventurers alike, the best caves in Puerto Rico await you. Discover a variety of cave tours and get ready for a magical excursion!

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Discover Impressive Geological Formations

The karst region of Puerto Rico, located along the northern coast, is home to the most popular caves on the island. Formed by about 140 million of geological processes, this area offers unique landscapes and cave systems that you can’t miss.

The most popular cave by far is Arecibo’s Cueva Ventana, which creates a stunning view that you’re sure to fall in love with. Located on a limestone cliff on the side of a mountain, Cueva Ventana can be accessed via a hiking trail. Once you reach the window-like opening it’s named for, you’ll see why this is one of the most photographed spots of the island, with its spectacular view of the Río Grande de Arecibo valley below.

Another must-see cave is Cueva del Indio, which is a historic treasure trove housing Pre-Colombian petroglyphs created by the Taíno Indians native to the island. This oceanside cave also has a natural bridge where the waves crash into impressive rocks.

Explore these incredible caves with an experienced guide on a Puerto Rico cave tour! Book your experience online today.

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