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The Guide to the Best Nightlife in Puerto Rico

No matter which side of the island you’re visiting, it’s no secret that Puerto Rico knows how to party

Nightlife in Puerto Rico

The island that churned out musical icons like Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, and Luis Fonsi sways to the rhythms of Latin music nightly.

From salsa and merengue to rumba, reggaeton, and more, Puerto Rico’s lively music scene is just begging you to dance along to the sultry beats, and you can find plenty of bars, nightclubs, and beachfront dives to show off your moves, indoors or out.

If dancing’s not really your style, Puerto Rico is home to some of the best mixologists in the world, talented bartenders who know more than a thing or two about craft cocktails, beers, and tropical libations. Try some island-made ginger beer, knock back some chichaíto shooters, or indulge in Puerto Rico’s national drink, the piña colada (did you really have to ask?). The wide variety of laid-back bars and beachfront dining spots around the island are perfect for relaxing with a drink in hand — but you might just end up dancing anyway!

From sexy nightclubs to chill beach bars and open-air markets, the Puerto Rico nightlife scene unfolds where you least expect it, whether you’re dancing in the street, shooting pool near the San Juan Cathedral, or partying in your bathing suit. The party is boundless, but one thing’s for sure: It’ll be morning before you know it!

A crowd of people gathered outside a bar in San Juan
A group of people sitting at a table having wine with dinner.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan’s cultural gems aren’t limited to Gothic architecture, famous landmarks, and ancient sites. The nightlife scene in this authentic Puerto Rican city boasts a storied history of its own with decades-old watering holes mingling with new, must-visit destinations tucked around almost every corner. From the over 100-year-old site of the weekend’s best street party to a dive bar that’s famous among local legends and celebrities like the Rolling Stones, Old San Juan’s bars and clubs are the place to leave the tourist traps behind and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you want to sip a handcrafted cocktail and watch people pass by or perfect your salsa moves, no two nights are the same here. Check out some of our favorite San Juan nightlife spots.

La Placita de Santurce

  • Best for: Outdoor dancing and street parties
  • Fun fact: La Placita de Santurce is the #1 nightlife spot in Old San Juan.

While it may just seem like the average market by day, La Placita de Santurce takes on an entirely different identity as the neighborhood’s favorite end-of-week tradition after dark.

Best on Thursday and Friday nights for ringing in the weekend in style, the charming market plaza and surrounding streets transform into a hoppin’ street party as friends meet up and share meals in the surrounding eateries before it’s time to let loose and dance salsa or merengue into the early hours of the morning.

Founded more than 100 years ago, this location is a must-visit spot when it comes to Old San Juan nightlife.

La Factoría

  • Best for: Old-fashioned cocktails and intimate dance scene
  • Fun fact: The Despacito music video was filmed here.

If you’ve ever sung along to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” music video, you can likely picture this one-of-a-kind bar in San Juan’s La Perla neighborhood.

Tastefully peeling paint, twinkling string lights, live music, and a labyrinthine layout characterize this intimate drinking and dancing spot as one of the best for nightlife in San Juan.

And the specialty cocktail menu has enough old-fashioned favorites and signature creations to keep you coming back for days. Pro tip: Keep working your way through this venue, as one dance floor turns into another, and new bar tops keep popping up where you least expect them.

El Batey

  • Best for: Dive bar scene
  • Fun fact: The Rolling Stones frequented El Batey whenever they were in Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for a true dive bar, you’ll feel right at home among El Batey’s cave-like, graffitied walls plastered in business cards and drawings of celebrities and local legends who have partied here over the years.

But the bar is far from seedy as its windows open onto the beautiful cobblestone streets of the old city with views of the Gothic San Juan Cathedral and other architectural landmarks. You never know who you’ll run into at this bar that has long attracted eclectic travelers, University of Puerto Rico students, artists, bankers, and everyone in between.

Shoot pool, choose from jukebox classics, and sip cool rum drinks for the perfect, never-ending Caribbean night.

Condado Beach

If you love the chance to get dressed up and show off that tan you’ve been working on, you’re sure to cherish a night on the town in Condado, the most chic and stylish district of San Juan. Here you’ll find some of the area’s trendiest hotels and restaurants, not to mention exclusive bars and clubs that’ll make you feel like a Caribbean celebrity. From dance-’til-you-drop nightclubs to beachfront mansions and unique themed bars, Condado is well worth the higher price point, especially since you’ll be rubbing elbows with a more mature crowd. While it’s worth the splurge, a night on the town here doesn’t have to break the bank; you can find smaller venues at a more reasonable price point. See a few of our favorite Puerto Rico nightlife spots in Condado.

Club Kronos

  • Best for: Dancing your heart out
  • Fun fact: Club Kronos has different themed nights each week.

Club Kronos keeps things simple with minimal decor leaving space for a large dance floor.

One of the best nightclubs in Puerto Rico, Club Kronos features bouncing laser lights and a swaying crowd that fills the club to the brim. The electronic scene comes to life here with epic effects, techno sounds, and striking visuals, and you can also expect to hear hip hop, reggaeton, and salsa.

The atmosphere is all about bright colors, loud music, and an enthusiastic crowd that just won’t quit.


  • Best for: Classy drinks, dining, & ocean views
  • Fun fact: Oceano is known for being LGBT friendly.

What to expect: This three-level beachfront mansion offers three distinct vibes, so there’s something for everyone!

Described as South Beach, Miami, meets Puerto Rico, this chic destination is split into three lounges: Hit the rooftop for incredible ocean views and cocktails with some of Condado’s best-dressed guests; relax on the second level for the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor space with elegant, beachy decor; or just throw on your coverup and enjoy easy access to the beach at the outdoor bar on the ground level.

El Bar Bero

  • Best for: Unbeatable cocktails & something unique
  • Fun Fact: Find the drink menu on a large chalkboard!

What to expect: A slightly more informal setting, what Bar Bero lacks in elegance it makes up for in creativity.

Barbershop by day, mixologist haven by night, this lighthearted local joint can be best described as mustache themed, featuring various barber chairs from different time periods and craft cocktails with hair-related names.

The vibe has been described by visitors as welcoming and friendly, and the bartenders take pride in their craft. Pro tip: Try the homemade ginger beer!

West Coast

Can’t be bothered to ditch the bathing suit and flip flops? There’s no need on Puerto Rico’s west coast, home to the best beaches on the island and world-class surfing spots. Your favorite summer attire can take you from beach to bar in no time thanks to the region’s laid-back oceanfront watering holes and chill nightlife scene with affordable drinks and a crowd of surfers, hippies, and everyone in between. Some of the island’s best beachfront bars can be found in one of Puerto Rico’s top surfing towns, Rincón.

Tamboo Bar

  • Best for: Beach to bar
  • Fun fact: Voted best beach bar by USA Today in 2018

Restaurant, bar, and hotel, this triple threat is located right on the beach in Rincón with some of the best views in the area. Offering scrumptious American-Caribbean cuisine, live music, and signature cocktails, once you arrive, you definitely won’t want to leave.

Let the aprés-surf scene pull you in as the young and vivacious crowd dances the night away.

Calypso Café & Tropical Bar

  • Best for: Frozen tropical drinks
  • Fun fact: Sunset happy hour every night!

Located on the famous Maria’s Beach, home to amazing surf breaks and many destination weddings, the Calypso Café & Tropical Bar attracts beach buffs, honeymooners, and surf junkies alike.

The favored hangout for surfers, the bar offers the perfect pick-me-up frozen libations and Caribbean grill classics served on a casual outdoor patio overlooking the sand. Full moon parties, weekend dance-a-thons, and out-of-this-world views make Calypso your ideal post-beach getaway.

Mayagüez and Ponce

If you’re drawn to a younger crowd, you can’t go wrong with a visit to two of Puerto Rico’s college towns! Mayagüez and Ponce are located on the west and south sides of the island, respectively, and promise cheaper nightlife and lively young partygoers. These spots offer a nice change of pace from the island’s metro area with plenty of surprises at every venue. The bar scene here is ever-changing, so you never know which spots will be in style, but these are some of our favorites!

La Naza (Mayagüez)

  • Best for: Local culture
  • Fun fact: Tuesdays nights are most popular at La Naza!

What to expect: When in Mayagüez, don’t skip a trip to La Naza nightclub. Beer and rum flow freely here, and the club sometimes gets so crowded that salsa dancers spill onto the street without breaking stride. A live band and tasty empanadillas stuffed with crab and corn fuel partygoers into the early hours.

La Pulga (Ponce)

  • Best for: Affordable nightlife
  • Fun fact: Look for deals like $1 vodka

What to expect: Located right in the center of Ponce, where all the action happens, La Pulga offers cheap drinks and great music and is one of the most popular spots in town.

You’ll never get bored here, especially not with 30 different varieties of chichaíto, a Puerto Rican shooter made with anisette and white rum. Energetic DJs, attractive locals, and a friendly atmosphere keep this place rocking all night long.

Keep the Fun Going!

Nightlife is an important consideration no matter where you’re traveling, but Puerto Rico makes it easy with so many options for partying.

The island vibes are exhilarating from sunset to sunrise, so don your bathing suit or miniskirt, and get out on the town!

Nightlife in Puerto Rico is perhaps the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture, and after just one night out, you’ll be ready for more. At least there’s always tomorrow!