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What Airports are in Puerto Rico?

a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway

Sandy beaches, lush canopies of rainforest, and charming historic cities — there’s so much to explore on the island. Are you ready to book your flights to Puerto Rico yet?

If so, there are plenty of major cities in Puerto Rico to visit from San Juan to Ponce. On an island you can drive across in hours, there are a variety of Puerto Rico airports to choose from to make sure you reach your island destination in peace. Check out our guide with our top choices for island travel.

San Juan International Airport

Location: Only a few miles from downtown San Juan, the San Juan Airport, also known as Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and Isla Verde International Airport, is technically in Carolina, Puerto Rico. It’s the Caribbean’s busiest airport and a great spot to land if you’re planning on visiting the capitol city.

What to Expect: With close to four million passengers traveling through the San Juan International Airport yearly, it’s a busy hub for those traveling to Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean. There are parking and transportation options available on site, but we’d recommend arriving with plenty of time before your departure and checking out the duty-free shops.

Popular Airlines: Cape Air, JetBlue, Seaborne, LIAT, Vieques Airlink, Tradewind Aviation, and Air Flamenco

Nearby Attractions: There are so many places to explore around this Puerto Rico airport. From pedaling a water bike on Old San Juan Bay to exploring the city on a food or history tour, there’s something for everyone. Check out our top San Juan activities here.

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Rafael Hernández Marín International Airport

Location: The second largest of the Puerto Rico airports, Rafael Hernández Marín International Airport is located in Aguadilla and is the main gateway to the Porta del Sol. It is a civil-military island airport located on the west coast named after one of Puerto Rico’s famous composers.

What to Expect: Located three miles from downtown Aguadilla, this island airport offers public parking as well as taxis and transportation services for those who have landed and want to explore the rest of the Porta del Sol.

Popular Airlines: Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Prinair Charter, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines

Nearby Attractions: Dive into the beautiful coast of Porta del Sol with a snorkeling tour, kayaking session, or surf lesson. There’s so much to explore! You can find more Puerto Rico activities here.

a group of people on a beach

Mercedita International Airport

Location: For those flying into the southern region, this Puerto Rico airport is located just miles outside of Ponce. It is the island’s third largest airport and was originally built to be used for airborne irrigation of sugarcane.

What to Expect: Mercedita International Airport is a small commercial airport with just one runway. There are a few small duty-free shops as well as limited parking and taxi and shuttle options to reach Ponce.

Popular Airlines: JetBlue, Spirit, Qatar Airlines

Nearby Attractions: Close to Ponce, one of the major cities in Puerto Rico, you can spend your day exploring museums or checkout the city’s nightlife. If you’re wanting to explore the blue waters, we recommend taking a trip out to Caja de Muertos island.

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Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport

Location: Known as the Isla Grande Airport, this Puerto Rico airport is located next to the Condado neighborhood closer to Old San Juan than the Isla Verde Airport. It’s a great location for those traveling to the Vieques and Culebra islands.

What to Expect: With only one runway, this is the smaller of the two San Juan airports with a limited number of airlines flying through. Hourly parking is available by the main entrance as well as public transportation options.

Popular Airlines: Vieques Airlink, Air Flamenco, M&N Aviation

Nearby Attractions: Whether you’re taking a tour of the major city of San Juan or wanting to try out snorkeling, kayaking or sailing from Old San Juan Bay — there are so many places to explore! Check out our top picks for San Juan activities in the area.

Once you’re ready to book your flights to Puerto Rico, we hope this serves as a helpful guide to get started. Find the right airport in Puerto Rico for your travels and then check out our blog for the top places to stay.