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The Top 7 Things to Do When It Rains in Puerto Rico

You’ve got your toes in the sand, soaking up the sunshine on your Puerto Rico vacation when the sky gets dark and the dreaded raindrops begin to fall.

Don’t Let the Storm Ruin Your Day!

With so many activities to keep you occupied in the rain, you can make the most of your vacation, even in a complete downpour. Visit a museum, shop at the largest mall in the Caribbean, try your luck at a casino, and more.

With this list of rainy-day activities, you’ll find something for everyone, even if you’re visiting during Puerto Rico’s rainy season.


1. Explore a Museum

If you’re the type of person who prefers to stay inside when it rains, Puerto Rico’s museums are the perfect escape from the boredom of your hotel room. Visitors to the island can learn a lot about Puerto Rican culture from a stroll through any one of its world-class museums. Plus, the vibrant paintings and creative art displays are welcome bursts of color when everything outside feels grey and gloomy.

Wondering what to do in San Juan when it rains? Check out the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, the most well-known of the island’s museums, located in Santurce. With attractions to entertain travelers of all ages, the Puerto Rico Museum of Art is a must-visit destination near San Juan.

See the work of many notable Puerto Rican painters like Antonio Martorell, Francisco Oller, José Campeche, and others. Some paintings on display date all the way back to the 1700s, like Campeche’s Las hijas del gobernador don Ramón de Castro. Even if you aren’t much of an art buff, the museum’s botanical garden, beautiful plaza, and stately architecture are sure to impress you.

Staying farther south or up for a drive from San Juan? You can’t miss a visit to the Ponce Museum of Art, home to more than 4,500 works of art ranging from the ninth century to the present. The internationally renowned collection includes pieces of Puerto Rican folk art, African artifacts, contemporary video, sound art, and more.

The Ponce Museum of Art is the largest museum in the Caribbean and has been called one of the best in the Americas. The building’s beautiful white walls, green landscaping, impressive main staircase, and other architectural features enhance your experience as you walk through the exhibits. Don’t forget to check out the library and museum store.

2. Catch a Concert or Performance

Turn off the hotel room TV and hit the town for some live entertainment at the Luis A. Ferre Performing Arts Center in Santurce. The beautiful building alone is worth checking out, but the real magic happens inside, where everything from classical concerts to Broadway shows and Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra performances take place. With three separate auditoriums and a varying lineup of plays, dramatic staging, concerts, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect performance to make you forget about the rainy evening.

If you’re more into music than theater, another great entertainment venue is the Coliseo, Puerto Rico’s main concert hall and arena. Shaped like the Roman Colosseum, this venue has a great lineup of acts and is a fun place to watch popular bands perform (or discover a new favorite!). Use Ticket Pop to see who’s coming to town during your vacation.

3. Shop ‘Til the Sun Comes Out

A little retail therapy might be the solution to your rainy-day gloom (and if you’re vacationing during Puerto Rico’s rainy season, you’ll be occupied for days). Head to Plaza Las Américas, the largest mall in the Caribbean. This indoor mall has more than 300 shops with popular chains like Macy’s and JCPenney as well as Puerto Rican favorites that you might not find on the mainland.

If shopping tuckers you out, you can always grab a bite to eat at a selection of dozens of restaurants, from American eats to island favorites and everything in between. Some other attractions in the mall include multiple movie theaters, a bowling alley, and even a museum of reggaeton, inaugurated by Daddy Yankee in 2019 in celebration of his achievements and the history of reggaeton.

4. Take a Gamble at a Casino

Feeling lucky? Place your bets at San Juan’s top casinos for a rainy-day activity that can help you win big! All of Puerto Rico’s casinos are located in hotels, so you can get a look at some luxury accommodations and take advantage of amenities like nice restaurants, hopping lounge and bar areas, lavish decor, and live music.

Popular casinos include El San Juan Hotel & Casino, a 13,000-square-foot space with 300 slot machines; The Ritz Carlton, decorated in a throwback style reminiscent of Monte Carlo with freshly rolled cigars available just outside; and the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino, featuring ‘80s music, 450 slot machines, and 16 table games.

5. Outrun the Rain

Puerto Rico’s weather patterns can vary greatly in different areas of the island, so sometimes all it takes to find the sunshine is to hop in your car and drive to a different part of the island. All vacations can benefit from a little spontaneity, and you never know where the storm will send you!

If you’d rather hunker down and wait for the rain to stop, keep in mind that the weather forecast most days calls for sun with a chance of rain, and more often than not, the shower will pass as quickly as it started. Take the time to grab a quick nap before heading back out into the sunshine.

6. Learn to Salsa

Who says you can’t stay active when it’s raining? Get some light exercise — and a hearty dose of Puerto Rican culture — and take a salsa class indoors. Perfect for experienced dancers and beginners, learning to salsa is fun, relatively easy, and is sure to brighten up your rainy-day mood.

You can ask your hotel concierge or front desk staff where to find salsa lessons in town, or head to a bar or club that plays salsa music to get a taste of the dance style from the locals. Latin Roots restaurant in Old San Juan is a great place to learn to salsa and sample delicious Puerto Rican food.

7. Don’t Cancel Your Tour

The weather in Puerto Rico can turn on a dime, so don’t plan to skip your tour over a little rain, especially if you’re going to be snorkeling, kayaking, or scuba diving (you’re going to get wet anyway!). Most tour operators don’t cancel their tours over a passing shower, and you’re sure to still have a wonderful time despite a little rain. Just be sure to check with the tour operator to make sure the activity hasn’t been canceled.

Now that you’re armed with a list of what to do in Puerto Rico when it rains, you’ll be prepared for anything mother nature throws at you. But if you’re still worried about the weather, check out our guide to the best times of year to visit Puerto Rico for tips on traveling during rainy season, peak holiday travel times, and more.