The Best Puerto Rico Tours & Tour Companies

If you’re in search of those can't-miss local gems to add some excitement to your Puerto Rico vacation, you can’t miss an opportunity to explore the island with a local guide who can show you the best tours from the city to the jungle. Browse tours in Puerto Rico by category below!

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Kayaking Tours

Paddle your way through one of the island’s three bioluminescent bays, bodies of water that glow at night thanks to a tiny organism that emits light when disturbed by a hand or paddle. There are only a handful of these bays in the world, and Puerto Rico is home to three of them! Kayaking is the best way to experience the glowing phenomenon, so grab your paddle and get ready to explore.

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Ziplining Tours

Soar through the treetops for a special view of Puerto Rico’s beautiful forests and jungles. Race your friends, hang upside down, or just take in the scenery as you zoom down the zipline course.

Snorkeling Tours

One of the Caribbean’s most pristine eco-destinations, Culebra is a tiny island off the coast of Puerto Rico with a wealth of flora and fauna that demand to be explored. Some of the healthiest reefs in the area make for the best snorkeling in Puerto Rico. Look for sea turtles, stingrays, colorful fish, and more.

Ziplining, Snorkeling & More!

There’s something to be said for wandering the 500+-year-old streets of Old San Juan on your own, but tours in Puerto Rico offer a unique, local perspective on the areas you’re visiting. From cultural insights to tips and tricks on getting around the island, tour guides are your best resource for vacation planning. So leave the guesswork to the experts and book your Puerto Rico tours online for a carefree Caribbean getaway.

Whether you’re paddling your way through the sparkling bioluminescent bays in Lajas, Vieques, or Fajardo or sipping a tropical rum drink at the Bacardi distillery, Puerto Rico tour companies offer unique experiences to fill every hour of your vacation itinerary.

Travelers typically spend some time exploring Old San Juan on a walking or food/drink tour, hiking to hidden waterfalls in the El Yunque Rainforest, relaxing on catamaran cruises, snorkeling the reefs of Culebra, hitting the dirt on an ATV ride, and more.