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Bioluminescent Bay Kayaking Tours

Discover the glowing waters of Fajardo, Puerto Rico today. Book your tour now!

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Experience the Magic of Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays

There are only five bioluminescent bays in the world and Puerto Rico is home to three of them! Located in Fajardo, Vieques, and Lajas, Puerto Rico’s bio bays are the most incredible destinations on the island. You just can’t miss an opportunity to kayak at night and watch the water twinkle and glow in shades of white, blue, and green. Described as a smattering of pixie dust, or tiny lights floating in the water, bioluminescence is a phenomenon you have to see in person to truly understand – photos just don’t do it justice! 

So what makes the water in Puerto Rico’s bio bays sparkle and glow? The bays are populated by millions of microorganisms called dinoflagellates who make their food by photosynthesis, a process that creates a glowing effect in the dark. All it takes is the stroke of a paddle, the wake of a boat, or even your hand to set the water aglow. Bioluminescence is a somewhat fragile phenomenon. Pollution, excess wind, and the full moon can impact the light concentration in the bays, which is why it’s important to time your visit accordingly. No matter which of the three bays you choose, you won’t forget your night kayak adventure.

Explore The Bio Bay in Laguna Grande!

For the brightest bio bay experience on the main island make sure to visit Laguna Grande in Fajardo. Fajardo is only 45 minutes away from the San Juan metro area making it a great option for a quick day trip from your city vacation. All tours will take you through the lagoon where you can experience the glowing water and mangroves on a 2 hour kayak adventure. Enjoy the trip with a small group and expert local guide. You can also opt to turn your trip to Fajardo into a full day adventure, with a variety of combo tours that will take you beyond the Bio Bay and through the tropical El Yunque Rainforest.

All tour operators bring something unique to your tour and know how to deliver a safe, fun, and informative experience to their guests. Discover the best option for you and your group to make sure you guarantee yourself a spot on a bio bay tour while in Puerto Rico. Plan your tour in advance as trips do tend to fill up quickly.

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