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Foodies rejoice.

Experience the magic of Old San Juan and taste Puerto Rico’s famous cuisine on a food tour

You’ll find the heart of Puerto Rico is in its food, people and traditions. Discover the best of all three with a tour of the island’s colonial quarter of Old San Juan. A favorite with travelers from all over the world, it’s full of a rich history and an old world charm. Here, the people are kind and welcoming, the food packed with Latin flavor and the pace of life languid and relaxing.

Dig deeper into the culture with a food tour of Puerto Rico’s finest. Every bite tells a little more of the island’s story, from a savory spoonful of pigeon peas and rice, to the sweet and sticky arroz con dulce. You’ll try the best lechón in Puerto Rico, taste the island’s finest rum and visit the restaurants that the city’s own residents know and love.

But the best way to uncover the native flavor is by learning the traditional recipes – and the stories behind them – from a local chef during one of our hand-selected cooking classes. You’ll learn about the essential ingredients, the key to a classic sofrito and all the heart that goes into the national cuisine. It’s exactly the authentic Puerto Rican experience you just can’t fly home without.

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