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6 Puerto Rico Waterfalls You Have to Visit

La Coca Falls

There is so much to love about Puerto Rico, from its scenic hiking trails to its iconic festivals, but one of the things visitors love most are the stunning waterfalls. Walking through the rainforest, you can hear the roar of the water from a distance, and spotting a waterfall through the trees is always one of the best parts of a hike.

There are many waterfalls and natural pools throughout the island where you can take a refreshing swim and get amazing photos for your Instagram feed. Discover some of the best Puerto Rico rainforest waterfalls and the guided tours that take you there!

El Yunque National Forest Waterfalls

Most of the popular waterfalls on the island are located right in El Yunque. Spend the day hiking and reward yourself with a stop at a breathtaking waterfall!

La Coca Falls

This photogenic waterfall is located near La Coca Trail off of Road PR-191. It’s easy to access as it’s only about 5 miles from the park entrance. The 85-foot drop is impressive; the water makes its way down the surface of smooth rock, making this a stunning spot to photograph. You’ll definitely want to bring a good camera!

The rocks in this area are slippery, and swimming is not allowed. Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and follow your guide’s instructions to ensure a safe visit.

Juan Diego Falls, El Yunque, Puerto Rico

Juan Diego Creek

A little further along the trail from La Coca Falls, you can follow the Juan Diego Creek, a set of small cascades that follow the river into the rainforest. There are small falls (about 6 feet) and natural pools along the way, and at the end of the trail is a taller waterfall of about 20 feet. The water is shallow here, and you can comfortably sit under the waterfall!

Even further ahead is the 40-foot Juan Diego Falls, which can only be accessed with a private guide. Make sure you stay on the trail if you visit this secluded spot to avoid any dangerous areas and to protect the vegetation.

La Mina Falls

One of the most well-known waterfalls in El Yunque rainforest, La Mina Falls is located at the end of La Mina Trail, which follows the river of the same name. This is a popular and easy trail, with beautiful greenery all around it, bridges that cross the river, and smaller falls along the way.

The waterfall will take your breath away with its beauty. It’s a stunning 35-foot fall that ends in a refreshing pool where you can take a swim (bring water shoes and be careful as you navigate the slippery rocks). It’s best to visit this spot early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Note: La Mina Trail has been closed since Hurricane Maria, but it’s expected to open in 2021.

La Canoa Falls

Most visitors only see the north side of El Yunque, but Río Blanco on the south side has some hidden gems that only the locals frequent. An exciting area to explore is El Hippie pool, where the rocks have pre-Columbian petroglyphs. Nearby is La Canoa Falls, which falls 70 feet down a narrow gorge between massive rock walls. This area can be slippery and tricky to navigate, so it’s best to visit with a tour guide.

West & Central Puerto Rico

While most visitors head to El Yunque in search of waterfalls, there are a couple hidden gems and popular spots throughout the island that are well worth the trip.

Gozalandia Falls, Puerto Rico

Gozalandia Falls

This waterfall located in San Sebastian, on the west side of the island, is a summer staple for locals. The 60-foot waterfall has great swimming areas for the whole family and some exciting features that draw crowds all summer long, so it’s best to visit it early in the day.

From the paid parking lot, it’s a short walk to the waterfall along a sandy trail with some paved areas and steps. The trail takes you to a few different points along the waterfall. There’s a half-submerged cave you can swim into and a shallow area big enough for a large family or groups of friends to wade in.

For a bit more adrenaline, check out the cliff jump point from the main falls — a fall of about 30 feet that the locals love. It’s fun to watch the locals take the plunge, but don’t feel pressured to join in.

From the main falls, continue about another quarter mile along the trail to reach the upper falls. This area tends to be less crowded, and it has a fun rope swing and some shorter jumps from small rocks. With so many adventures, it’s no wonder this waterfall is loved by locals and tourists alike!

Chorro de Dona Juana waterfall in Puerto Rico attraction

Doña Juana Waterfall

Known locally as Chorro de Doña Juana, this gorgeous waterfall is located in Orocovis, in Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Rage. It’s composed of three smaller waterfalls that together total about 100 feet in height. Located right along Route 149, at kilometer 41.5, it’s a local favorite thanks to the easy access. There’s no hiking involved — you can park and walk right up to it!

This waterfall is not only picturesque, but the natural pool at the bottom is a great spot to swim. Located close to Toro Negro State Forest, it’s the perfect first stop in a day full of outdoor adventure.

Ready to discover these unique waterfalls? Book a Puerto Rico waterfall tour and start exploring!