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Go Horseback Riding on the Top Trails in Puerto Rico

We’ve all seen the glorious images of people riding horses on a beautiful, tropical beach. If you’ve always pictured yourself enjoying that exact activity, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to make your Caribbean beach horseback riding dreams come true. Whether sauntering in the sand or exploring the island’s stunning countryside and mountains, there are so many places to go horseback riding in Puerto Rico.

Even better, you don’t have to be an experienced rider to enjoy this incredible experience. The gentle horses of Puerto Rico – along with their knowledgeable handlers and tour guides – will ensure you have a wonderful ride and make lifelong memories. Who knows, you might even have a new favorite hobby after your adventure on horseback.

From the meadows of Vieques to the surfing beaches of Rincón, you never know where your Puerto Rico horse riding adventure will take you. Saddle up, put on a smile and check out our favorite places to ride horses in Puerto Rico.

Vieques Beaches & Countryside

This small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico is known for its bioluminescent bay, where the water glows blue and green at night. But you might also know Vieques by its famous population of wild horses that roam the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. Locals ride these horses around the island and often bring visitors on horseback riding adventures of their own. 

You’ll enjoy the amazing scenery of rolling hills and pristine beaches from the back of a beautiful Paso Fino horse which is native to the island. Wildflowers, trees, and the sights and sounds of the ocean set the scene for a serene horseback riding experience. Saunter through meadows, woods, and beaches like Esperanza. Vieques, Puerto Rico is also a popular destination for horseback riding on black-sand beaches! You can’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Travel Tip: Vieques is only accessible by boat or plane, so be sure to plan ahead by learning the best ways to get to Vieques!

El Yunque Foothills in Luquillo

One of the most visited places in Puerto Rico is El Yunque National Forest, the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service! This diverse ecosystem enchants visitors with verdant hiking trails, striking waterfalls, and unique wildlife. If you have time, you should definitely plan to take a guided hike through El Yunque, but horseback riding offers an entirely different perspective of the impressive foothills of the national forest in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

After getting geared up and comfortable with your friendly steed and experienced guide, ride alongside the beautiful Mameyes River. You can even take a quick swim in its fresh waters! Or, ride your horse in the shallow water at one of Puerto Rico’s most stunning beaches. 

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Seaside and Surf in Rincón

Down on the western tip of Puerto Rico, Rincón awes visitors with its dramatic cliffside views, Spanish ruins, and an idyllic lighthouse. It’s also known for its world-class surf spots, like Domes Beach, home to the Legend Surf Classic and other famous international surfing competitions. 

Whether you’re not much of a surfer or you’d like to enjoy the seaside vistas from a different perspective, Rincón offers horseback riding excursions for riders of all levels. As you saunter along seaside cliffs overlooking Spanish ruins and the huge swells of Rincón’s surfing beaches, you’ll be amazed by the scenery of vibrant tropical riding trails, a lighthouse, and incredible ocean views. Consider riding early in the morning or later in the day for dreamy sunrise or sunset vistas.

Aguadilla Wilderness and Historic Locations

Just 30 minutes from Rincón by car, Aguadilla is another fantastic destination for Puerto Rico horseback riding. Local equestrian centers like Playuelas Horse Rides guide visitors across incredible landscapes with amazing views of landmarks like Playa Peña Blanca, a secluded beach with calm, crystal blue waters. You’ll also see the ruins of an old lighthouse and other historic structures, as well as scenic viewpoints where you can stop and take photos to document your fun horseback riding experience in Puerto Rico.

Prepare to see the beauty of Puerto Rico in a new light from the back of a majestic Paso Fino or other well cared for Puerto Rican horse. Horseback riding is the perfect addition to your family vacation or romantic getaway. For more trip ideas, explore our island guide.