Cooking Classes in Puerto Rico

It’s one thing to enjoy the unique flavors of Puerto Rico’s cuisine, and quite another to roll up your sleeves and learn how to make the island’s most delicious dishes yourself!

Enjoy Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

When you get back home from San Juan, you’ll likely be dreaming of eating mofongo again and sharing it with your family and friends. Take a cooking class in San Juan and bring back a taste of Puerto Rico with you! 

Nothing beats hands-on experience. Getting in the kitchen with a pro is the best way to learn all the tips and tricks behind the island’s most mouth-watering dishes. Ask questions along the way and master the techniques so you can make Puerto Rican dishes to impress all your loved ones. If you’re a foodie, you can’t leave the island without taking a cooking class first. 

A cooking class is an unforgettable way to get in touch with the authentic cuisine of Puerto Rico and learn the recipes that make the local ingredients come to life.

Discover the art of sofrito, the trick to frying crispy empanadillas, and the secrets behind the perfectly jiggly tembleque as you learn from the experts — Puerto Rico cooks and chefs who have been perfecting these recipes for decades. If your stomach isn’t rumbling yet, check out our guide to the most popular dishes in Puerto Rico

Ready to try your hand at making them? Check out our classes and get ready to start cooking!

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