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Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

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With its stunning coral reefs, varied wildlife, excellent visibility, and unique sites, scuba diving in Puerto Rico is a can’t-miss activity for travelers to the island. Whether you want to scuba dive in San Juan or venture to an offshore island, whether you’re looking for an introductory lesson or an advanced diving experience, there’s an amazing Puerto Rico dive site waiting for you!

You can find thriving coral reefs on the east coast of the island, deep waters and exciting wall dives to the south, and fun shore dives and untouched reefs toward the west coast. Anywhere you dive, you’re sure to enjoy beautiful turquoise waters and unparalleled views. And if you’re not ready to plunge into the depths, you can try snuba diving instead! Explore some of the best dive sites in Puerto Rico below and book your dive today!

San Juan

If you don’t want to leave San Juan, you can find plenty of fun dives right along the coast, especially for beginners. Many of the hotels on the shore offer introductory dives with practice sessions in the pool or in the beach, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you can head out to other dive sites at further depths. Visibility in the San Juan area can be up to 20 feet, and you can see a variety of tropical fish, sea horses, octopuses, and more!

Culebra Island

Located off the east coast of the main island, Culebra has more than 50 dive sites for divers of all experience levels and interests to enjoy. You can explore caves, coral reefs, sunken ships, and more. The unspoiled beauty of this island offers great visibility (some areas like Cayo Raton have over 100 feet of visibility!) and a stunning variety of wildlife, from butterflyfish and peacock flounders to nurse sharks. Popular sites include Tamarindo Beach, Cayo Lobo and Cayo Lobito, Cayo Raton, Cabo Ballena, and more! Whether you want a shallow dive or a plunge into the depths, Culebra is a paradise for divers.

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If you’re staying in Fajardo, you can choose to either take a dive in the area or catch a boat to the offshore islands, making it a great home base for scuba divers. Along the coast of Fajardo, you can dive among coral reefs, caves, mini walls, and more. Some areas offer up to 50 feet of visibility! You can also head out to Culebra, Icacos, Palomino, and other small islands for exciting dives full of amazing wildlife.


Located on the west coast of the main island, Rincon is another great base for divers, offering convenient shore dives as well as trips to amazing offshore spots. The shore dives in Rincon have unique views of coral reefs and wildlife that are truly unforgettable. You can also easily reach the waters of Desecho Island (the island itself is off-limits) from Rincon on a charter and enjoy a dive full of turtles, crustaceans, and even dolphins! Popular dive sites at Desecho include Candyland, named for its vast array of colors and oddly-shaped reefs, giving a unique aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else; and Las Cuevas, featuring caves, arches, and canyons that will make you feel like a true underwater explorer.

La Parguera

If you’re looking for wall dives, La Parguera on the southwest of the main island is full of great dive sites to explore and visibility up to 100 feet in some areas. The most iconic spot is The Wall or La Pared, which offers a colorful underwater wall covered with beautiful coral and teeming with wildlife. There’s also Efra’s Wall, where you can enjoy a deep dive of up to 100 feet and discover interesting species. Black Wall is famous for its forests of black coral surrounded by stunning colors of tropical wildlife. Another popular dive site from La Parguera is Fallen Rock, which features a large boulder completely covered in coral. This is a deep dive for experienced divers only, and it’s one you won’t forget.


Located off the east coast of the main island, Vieques offers great protected areas for beginners as well as fun dives for the more experienced. The most popular site is Mosquito Pier, a mile-long breakwater of calm, protected waters perfect for learning the basics and getting comfortable with diving. Angel Reef offers pristine coral reefs featuring old anchors that provide the perfect nautical backdrop for your diving adventure! Along the southern shore of Vieques, you can find dives ranging from 40 to 100 feet deep, where you can marvel at rays, turtles, and sometimes dolphins and manatees. Another great dive spot from Vieques is Patti’s Reef, a shallow dive (20 to 40 feet) right by the shore where you can see corals, sponges, mackerel, and more.

Mona Island

The remote Mona Island, located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, is not quite as accessible as the other dives on this list, but if you’re an advanced diver looking for an unforgettable and challenging dive, it’s worth the trip. This stunning ecological reserve is often called “the Galapagos of the Caribbean,” and it offers breathtaking dives with up to 150 feet of visibility. You can see giant coral, dolphins, sharks, and in the winter, whales! This dive site can typically only be reached on live-aboard boat trips, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience diving where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet.

The Enchanted Isle is a paradise for scuba divers, offering dives for people of all levels of experience. Choose your dive site and book an unforgettable Puerto Rico diving tour online today!