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Celebrate Easter in Puerto Rico

¡Felices Pascuas! That’s Happy Easter in Spanish, and something you might want to remember if you plan to visit Puerto Rico during the island’s incredible Easter celebrations. Read on to learn what you can expect when it comes to celebrating Easter in sunny Puerto Rico.

Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico During Easter

Puerto Rico is a popular travel destination for its beaches, beautiful scenery, history and traditions. Roman Catholic holidays like Christmas and Easter are especially popular in Puerto Rico, so if you’re around during a holiday you’re in for a treat. Instead of one day of festivities, the Easter holiday spans a week of celebration. After all, it is the biggest holiday of the year for many locals.

Depending on where you live, you might think of Easter as a spring holiday, but it actually marks the start of summer and beach season in Puerto Rico, making it even more fun to celebrate! 

What to Expect During Easter in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico locals observe the Easter holiday all week, with many people choosing to fast during Holy Week or only eat certain foods. Holy Week officially kicks off with Palm Sunday, when you might see processions along major streets commemorating the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem. 

From Monday to Wednesday, people attend church to say prayers at the Stations of the Cross. On Maundy Thursday, people pray and wash their feet in church. 

Good Friday is celebrated with more processions, particularly in San Juan, depicting the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion. The Easter celebration continues with midnight mass on Saturday night and Easter Sunday morning.

Travel Tip: Be sure to stock up on food and essentials before Good Friday, as most businesses on the island will be closed that day.

If you’re excited about a beach trip to Puerto Rico, you’re in good company! Many locals use the Easter season to jumpstart their weekend beach visits. Families enjoy barbecues on the beach and time together under the sun. It’s typical to see locals and visitors swimming, surfing, and sunbathing on Good Friday and Saturday before packing it in and attending Easter mass on Sunday – then it’s back to the beach! Feel free to join in at mass. 

Whether you’re Catholic or just interested in the cultural experience of Easter in Puerto Rico, the spring season is a wonderful time to visit this tropical paradise. 

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