On the Water

Set Sail.

Explore Puerto Rico’s Bio Bay or sail snorkel the Island’s beautiful water

Live out your Caribbean dreams on the warm, tropical beaches of Puerto Rico. With turquoise waters and stretches of white sand, the island is a picture-perfect paradise. Go beyond the sun soaked shores and you’ll find an aquatic playground, where some of the world’s best adventures await.

Save time to sail, snorkel and kayak your way through the rich archipelago of castaway islands and colorful reefs. You’ll never forget the grace of a slow-moving sea turtle on your afternoon snorkel or the bright glow of the ocean during a midnight paddle around the island’s bioluminescent bay. Or sail from Fajardo for a taste of it all, on an excursion that combines Puerto Rico’s best sailing, snorkeling and swimming into one unforgettable day. Whatever you choose, no trip to Puerto Rico is complete without a day out at sea.

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