The Best Zipline Tours in Puerto Rico

Combine the breathtaking scenery with the feeling of the wind on your face and the swooping in your stomach as you soar down the line, and we’re sure you’ll be hooked. Browse some of the best ziplines in Puerto Rico below and book your tour online!

The Best Ziplining Spots

If you’ve already been swept off your feet by Puerto Rico’s stunning scenery, you won’t believe what’s in store for you when you take to the treetops on a zipline adventure! Steep, impressive mountains, vibrant rainforest, and striking ocean views make ziplining in Puerto Rico a must-do activity on your next vacation.

If you’ve never zipped before, Puerto Rico is a great place to take your first zipline tour! There are plenty of top-rated tour operators to choose from, no matter where you’re staying. Guest safety is the top priority, and it always goes hand in hand with fun!

Try multiple ziplines at the same attraction, climb up to the top of high bridges, and even spot wildlife as you soar through the trees. Trek across canopy bridges, learn about local caves, and even discover the thrill of rappelling!

There’s no need to travel far for your Puerto Rico zipline tour! Many operators offer high-adrenaline zipline experiences right in San Juan, or just outside of the city, so you can zip by morning and be back in the city for cocktails and dancing in the evening. Other favorites include El Yunque zipline tours and high-flying experiences in the central mountain ranges near Caguas and the Karst region.

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